Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Problem with Sleeping Through Movies

The problem with sleeping through movies is that when you actually don't sleep through a movie, when you see the movie, and then you dislike it and express this opinion to people who did like the movie, they say, "Sure. But did you actually see it?"

And my answer is: Yes, I did see A History of Violence, and I hated it.

"But did you see all of it? It takes a huge twist!"

Yes, I saw the twist. I saw the violent sex scene on the stairs. I saw the part where the characters get to Boston. I watched all of it, and I hated it.

A big reason I hated it is because I watched it on disc, on my laptop, on a plane, with a woman sitting next to me. When the violent stair sex scene came on, I worried, "Is this lady going to think I'm perverted that I'm watching what might appear to her to be a rape movie? Is it better to play it cool, like the first time you see a sexually-charged movie with your parents?" So I toughed it out and watched the whole thing — with headphones, thankfully.

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