Monday, October 4, 2010

Get Him to The Greek

Get Him to The Greek
Running Time: 109 minutes
Released: June 2010
Viewed: October 2010
Estimated amounted of movie viewed: 50%

Is it me or did Johan Hill put on a lot more weight for this role? Maybe it wasn’t for this role. Maybe the weight gain was just part of his growing fame and fortune. Luckily, after his starring appearance in Get Him to The Greek, it’s highly possible that his fame and fortune (and thus waistline) will begin to dwindle some.

In this movie, Jonah Hill, an “affable nitwit,” works in the music business and is tasked with getting a rock star named Aldous – a very un-rock star name if I do say so myself – to The Greek Theater in Berkeley. Puff Daddy plays Jonah’s boss. P-Diddy says getting this rock star to The Greek will be Jonah Hill’s moment, his one shot at doing something great in life.

Already, there are many problems with this script, and it’s worth tuning out ever so slightly now before one’s brain begins to suffer from the lack of depth of the movie. You may find yourself searching for an element of the plot to make more sense, to lend itself to being read in multiple ways, and this is a mistake. Just let go. That way, when the drug scenes come and the camera action mimics the style of a Jefferson Airplane music video, you can be lulled to sleep to by its swaying motion.

The jokes are lame. There are two love stories, and one of them feels tacked onto the script entirely, as if someone holding the purse strings for this movie read the script and said, “You can’t have a protagonist without a female love interest,” and sent the thing back for revisions.

Aldous’ love story, crude and thin as it is, does have a few compelling moments, fleeting as they may be. At one point, he is talking to his ex-lover while she is in bed, naked, with another man sleeping next to her.

With movies like these, I don’t even feel the need to ask the next morning how the conflicts of the film were resolved. I can assume that the characters were all very nearly at The Greek, but were somehow thwarted from getting there at least twice. Aldous probably played his show. Jonah Hill probably pissed off P-Diddy, and then soon after won back his confidence. One of the love-interest women probably helped save the day in some unexpected, deus ex machina kind of way. I bet there was some gross kissing or a threesome.

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