Monday, March 8, 2010

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
Running Time: 152 minutes
Released: July 2008
Viewed: January 2009
Estimated amounted of movie viewed: 5%

This is one of the "new" Batman movies, meaning there's no Jack Nicholson, no Michael Keaton, and certainly no Tim Burton. But there are a couple of actors I have heard of in this movie, namely Heath Ledger, who died, and Christian Bale, whom two of my old college friends used to adore. He starred in such films as Newsies and Swing Kids, they told me.

Dark Knight is dark. And I think it mostly takes place at night. Hence the title.

I watched this film on a long flight between New York and Rome, Italy.

Heath Ledger's Joker is pretty creepy. He sits at a big table. The seats on Alitalia, economy class, are mostly comfortable, and when you recline them with that little button, they become more so.

Some guys get blown up.

If you adjust the volume on the armrest console, you can get The Dark Knight to a reasonable sleeping level.

There's a guy named Harvey Dent, and he's the good guy.

If the flight attendant comes around with coffee, and you've asked your friend to wave her off, you can get a solid three-hour nap out of this film.

The good guy becomes a bad guy. His name changes to Two-Face (wasn't that a He-Man action figure? Oh, no. That was Two-Bad, which is a much more interesting name. It gives me a little more to think about.).

The end.

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